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Sustainability and Ethics at Tala Collective

At Tala Collective, we believe that every journey must begin with a slow and careful step in the right direction. We are profoundly grateful for the bounty our planet offers, and we are devoted to supporting each other as a global community.

Our commitment to sustainability drives us to consciously and considerately partner only with labels that are aware and engaged in taking real, active measures to reduce their impact on Earth. We assess our partners on several critical fronts:

  • Materials Choices: What are the processes involved, and where are the materials sourced?
  • Quality & Longevity: Is the material of lasting quality and is it biodegradable?
  • Production & Manufacturing: Where are the products made, and are they mass-produced or made to order?
  • Collections Focus: Are they centred on fleeting trends, or more on trans-seasonal, staple pieces?
  • Working Conditions: Are they safe, and are they fair?

We recognise the complexities of running a business, and we appreciate that change doesn’t always happen overnight. But even small increments of change, moving in the right direction, make a significant difference. We are here to support and work with labels that acknowledge and embrace this journey.

Slow Fashion & Quality Over Quantity

The harsh reality is that the world's production of clothes has more than doubled recently. Fast fashion has led to overconsumption and a culture of impulse buying. This trend is filling our wardrobes with cheap clothing that neither lasts nor fulfils our desire for creative expression.

At Tala Collective, we aim to create a haven for women to discover quality, trans-seasonal staple pieces they'll not only love but enjoy wearing for years to come. We're not here to chase trends; we're here to champion slow fashion.

Investing in fewer, quality pieces you adore brings back the joy of dressing up and enhances how you present yourself to the world.



We're thrilled to partner with Airrobe for online purchases, allowing you to extend the life of your Tala Collective pieces. Through reselling or renting your pre-loved items, you're not only providing them at a reduced price to others but also actively engaging in creating a circular wardrobe.

The Tala Collective and AirRobe partnership is a stride forward in reducing your environmental footprint.


We're equally proud to collaborate with i=Change, donating $2 from every purchase to a customer's choice of one of three life-changing projects.

i=Change's focus on empowering women and girls, and mitigating climate change aligns seamlessly with our values. Their simple yet powerful model has allowed e-commerce businesses to give back and hasten their sustainability journey, raising close to $8,200,000 for those in need.

Together, we at Tala Collective are not just forging a new path in fashion. We're embracing a responsible, sustainable lifestyle that reverberates far beyond the garments we wear.

Join us, and let's make a difference, one garment at a time.

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